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Our Top 10 Living Dead Clothing Memes


Hey Deadites!

Over on our Facebook and Instagram, we had a little competition to see who could create the best Living Dead themed internet “meme” (a picture, phrase or video which gets viral attention via the web). The winner would receive the grand prize of a $250 voucher. Amazing, right?!

Anyway, we received TONS of entries, it took us a long time to pick our two winners! Anyway, here are are two favourites:

My Life as Vball: Weirdness, Booth Babes, and PAX


So usually I stay out of the booth babe debate, but I was a little creeped out by some this year. It happened this weekend at PAX. Most booths were set up so that while they had to wait in line for the game they wanted to see or play, it was easy for anybody to approach them on the outside of the…

Seriously agreed! <3 Can’t stand these companies doing this to our image. We work so hard just for them to destroy us in seconds. And from what I saw, the guys didn’t understand what they were doing and even responded with “why are they doing that, they look RETARDED”.. So..what that guy is saying NVIDIA, is that YOUR “marketing” is fucking LAME…so stop trying to hard with OUR Vaginas to sell your fucking product. Let it SELL IT SELF LIKE IT SHOULD!

#PAXEAST Double Bundle Giveaway!

I received this awesome gear from the Mad Catz Unveiled Party at PAX East this year! Now, since I’m now partnered by Razer, I can’t use this great gear and it’d sure be a shame to leave it lyin around :P Plus, I’ve already played Tropico, Read Halo, and DON’T EVEN HAVE AN iPhone… I’ll be willing to give it to TWO Of you guys or gals <3 :P 

MadCatz Wireless R.A.T Gaming Mouse

iPhone 5 Street Fighter Case (Chun Li)

Omegta: City of Gangsters (Xbox 360)

Tropico 4 (PC)

Halo: Cryptum Book

Double PAX EAST Giveaway!

phoenixwrightaceblogger-deactiv asked:

Hey Kelly :), How is MLG Providence treating you? Been watching your show, I love it so much and you are with out a doubt uber amazing. I've been curious and if it's alright may I ask what is your ethnicity background? I've been trying to guess it for a while but I keep thinking I'm wrong.

Haha MLG Prov was amazing. I hardly ever check my Tumblr. Sorry :/ Follow me on Twitter @mrsViolence

But I’m Irish/Armenian  - mostly Armenian. 


Anonymous asked:

just read the games you played, do you not think your playing the wrong games? halo, mw? there are people who play as a team and not as a single person who win money from team work not single player skill

I only play Team Based Shooters  . I don’t even understand this :/ 

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